In addition to Dr. Zucker’s clinical work and writing, she advises and is interviewed globally for projects that center around maternal mental health, transitions in motherhood, and pregnancy loss. Jessica created the viral hashtag campaign #IHadaMiscarriage launched by her first New York Times essay. She also consults on various women’s health projects.

Jessica was featured on Good Morning America in connection with her #IHadaMiscarriage campaign. Dr. Zucker was also interviewed on CNN’s sister network Headline News about her work surrounding the #IHadaMiscarriage hashtag.

Dr. Zucker was featured on NPR addressing issues surrounding postpartum body image and cultural expectations.

In connection with her pregnancy loss cards which launched on 10/1/15 in honor of Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness Month, Dr. Zucker was interviewed by a number of radio shows.

Stuff Mom Never Told You invited Dr. Zucker to discuss pregnancy loss stigma on their podcast.

One Bad Mother interviewed Jessica twice–firstly about the #IHadaMiscarriage advocacy campaign and next they explored postpartum mood and anxiety disorders as well as Dr. Zucker’s launch of her card line for pregnancy and baby loss.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour, named one of the Top Ten Podcasts of 2011 by The Onion’s A.V. Club, is a weekly conversation between a guest and comedian/host Paul Gilmartin. Dr. Zucker’s first episode addressed issues pertaining to postpartum depression, struggles in parenthood, and other mental health related issues. This episode was named one of the best podcasts by The Onion and voted #1 of 2012 by listeners. Dr. Zucker returned to the show a second time. This episode was also named one of the best podcasts by The Onion and voted #2 of 2012 by listeners. The first episode was mentioned in The Atlantic. Most recently, Paul had Jessica back on the show to talk about pregnancy loss, specifically her own experience of miscarriage.

Maven, a digital clinic for women, invited Dr. Zucker to speak about postpartum depression for their podcast series.

The Birthful Podcast discussed pregnancy loss, grief, and cultural silence with Dr. Zucker .

In support of Every Mother Counts, Dr. Zucker participated in an interactive discussion about why “Every Body Counts”. Jessica serves on the Medical Advisory Council of Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to maternal health created by Christy Turlington Burns.

In connection with the launch of the pregnancy loss cards, Dr. Zucker was interviewed by a number of media outlets, such as: Time Magazine, CNN, Marie Claire, Women’s Health Magazine, Yahoo!, BuzzFeed, People Magazine,, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, Refinery29, Upworthy, Mashable, Salon, The Huffington Post, USA Today and others.

Dr. Zucker was interviewed for this award-winning documentary. Early Moments Matter delves into the centrality of early parent-child attachment. The documentary was distributed to hospitals, birth centers, and pediatrician’s offices nationwide as an educational tool for developing families.

Expecting the Unexpected When You’re Expecting explores expectations surrounding pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. This workshop series aims to help pregnant and parenting women delve into expectations about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood with the hope of arming participants with tools to navigate these transitions. Perinatal and postpartum mood concerns are discussed and resources provided.

Jessica conducted a workshop at Bini Birth exploring strategies women can employ when faced with postpartum depression or anxiety. Additionally, Jessica spoke at a Bini Birth event exploring the art and science of early childhood attachment research.

Jessica conducted workshops addressing pregnancy and maternal mental health issues at the Institute for Girls’ Development.

Dr. Zucker presented at the inaugural Museum of Motherhood conference in New York City dedicated to mindful motherhood.

Jessica participated in a roundtable media briefing and screening of This Emotional Life at the Paley Center for Media in New York City for New York area writers and reporters. Panelists explored the importance of establishing healthy social connections in infancy and the latest science in understanding the bond between parents and children. Hosted by Dr. Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist and author, the television documentary series premiered in 2010 on PBS. The series addressed issues organized around improving social relationships, understanding complex emotional struggles, and searching for greater happiness. Project partners included: Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions, Method, WGBH Boston Nova Science, Cause and Affect, Kunhardt McGee Productions, Vox Global Mandate, and Fleishman-Hillard.


Dr. Zucker spoke at the American Psychological Association’s Division of Psychoanalysis conference in Chicago as an invited panelist in association with her Karnac Books publication.

Dr. Zucker presented her book chapter based on her dissertation research findings at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City.

Jessica presented her paper “Lights, Camera, Attachment: Female Embodiment as Seen Through the Lens of Pornography” at the American Psychological Association’s Division of Psychoanalysis meeting as an invited panelist in New York City. She collaborated with Drs. Muriel Dimen, Katie Gentile, and Virginia Goldner.