Primarily a psychodynamic psychotherapist, Dr. Zucker works from a relational framework while also utilizing cognitive-behavioral techniques and mindfulness practices. She conceptualizes health and healing holistically and therefore considers how people are affected by their environment, past and present experiences, and the interplay between the mind and the body. In her clinical practice, Dr. Zucker works with adults, couples, mothers and daughters, and developing families. She works with patients in the office as well as by phone/video.


  • Pregnancy loss/miscarriage/stillbirth/infant loss
  • Pregnancy after pregnancy loss/miscarriage/stillbirth/infant loss
  • Postpartum blues, depression, and anxiety
  • Pregnancy after previous postpartum depression
  • Perinatal anxiety and depression
  • Pregnancy after fertility struggles
  • Fertility challenges and assisted reproductive technologies

  • Pregnancy termination
  • Selective reduction
  • Body image issues related to pregnancy and postpartum
  • Traumatic pregnancy or birth experience
  • Traumatic memories surfacing during childbirth
  • Pregnancy/motherhood ambivalence
  • Transitions in motherhood
  • Mother-daughter relationships
  • Sexuality


  • Parenting after miscarriage/pregnancy loss/stillbirth/infant loss
  • Parenthood-work-life balance
  • Co-parenting
  • Single parenting
  • Parent-infant attachment and bonding

  • Parental support navigating body image issues with tween girls
  • Relationship issues emerging in light of pregnancy, parenthood, and newborn transitions


  • Identity development
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship issues

  • Loss and grief
  • Body image concerns


  • Relationship difficulties
  • Fertility, pregnancy, loss, or postpartum challenges

  • Transitions in family dynamics and structure


  • Consultation for women and couples navigating fertility challenges, pregnancy or baby loss
  • Prenatal and postpartum consultation services for women, developing families, and companies

  • Preparing for birth, transitions in parenting, attachment and bonding