The New York Times

Parenting Section
Through interviews with women worldwide, Jessica investigated yet another under-talked about aspect of life after loss: sex. Returning to the very place of the loss, this piece examines the ways in which grief and pleasure coexist.

Opinion Section
Dr. Zucker’s latest piece for the New York Times “The Pregnant Therapist” is part of the Couch series in the Opinionator section. Jessica explores what it was like to be the focus of the therapy while being the therapist during and following her pregnancy loss.

Well Section
Jessica posits that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to give birth, as illustrated in this NYT piece.

This NYT piece focuses on the physicality of grief and the postpartum body without baby. This article was published 3/14/17 online and in print in the NYT Science section.

Motherlode Section
Dr. Zucker contributed “Saying it Loudly: I Had a Miscarriage” to the NYT in 2014. The New York Times created a haiku based on Jessica’s piece. In association with this essay, she initiated the viral hashtag campaign #IHadaMiscarriage.