Pregnancy + Baby Loss Cards

Dr. Jessica Zucker created a line of cards for pregnancy and baby loss. In the aftermath of pregnancy loss it can be difficult for loved ones to know what to say/do. These cards aim to provide the antidote to “I just didn’t know what to say” by providing concrete and meaningful messages that relay care and concern. Artwork by Anne Robin Calligraphy.

Jessica specialized in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health long before experiencing a 16-week miscarriage. Since her loss, Dr. Zucker has written extensively about the pain and the politics of loss. She launched the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign with her first New York Times piece in 2014. Her goal with this collection of cards is to ultimately help normalize the cultural conversation surrounding the grief that can accompany pregnancy loss.

The cards have received international press in hundreds of publications.

Jessica also created a line of tees and pins to further the conversation surrounding pregnancy loss.