PBS’ This Emotional Life is an award-winning multi-platform project designed to address the need for the newest, most useful information on emotional well-being that will help people foster stronger social relationships.

This Emotional Life shines a special spotlight on the importance of attachment, revealing the science behind these early relationships and demonstrating what can happen when they don’t develop. Created by leading childhood development experts, including Dr. Jessica Zucker, and featuring an information-packed, handbook and short film, This Emotional Life’s exclusive toolkit, Early Moments Matter, is designed to help parents and caregivers learn what attachment is, why it is important and how they can go about building secure attachments with their children.

Jessica participated in a roundtable media briefing and screening of This Emotional Life at the Paley Center for Media in New York City for writers and reporters. Panelists explored the importance of establishing healthy social connections in infancy and the latest science in understanding the bond between parents and children. Hosted by Dr. Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist and author, the television documentary series premiered in 2010 on PBS. The series addressed issues organized around improving social relationships, understanding complex emotional struggles, and searching for greater happiness.

As a consultant for this critically-acclaimed multi-platform project, Dr. Zucker wrote about topics focused on maternal mental health, attachment, and the motherhood continuum.

Dr. Zucker’s articles can be found here.

In addition, Dr. Zucker was an advising consultant in the development of the PBS Early Attachment Toolkit Early Moments Matter. Her writing about attachment-related issues is featured here– A Mother’s Day Campaign for Emotional Health and Rising Above Your Limitations. PBS’ This Emotional Life launched Pay it Forward, a campaign dedicated to creating more access to underserved families about cutting edge attachment research through wider distribution of Early Moments Matter. In conjunction with her involvement with PBS, Dr. Zucker was interviewed by Therese Borchard of Beyond Blue. This article can also be found on Psych Central.