Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts, founded by Christy Turlington Burns, is an advocacy and mobilization campaign dedicated to increasing education and support for maternal mortality reduction globally.

Jessica serves on the Medical Advisory Council of Every Mother Counts and supports their work through series of posts on maternal mental health issues impacting women globally.

Zucker and Turlington Burns co-authored an article about Global Motherhood and Mental Health for The Huffington Post titled “In the Minds of Mothers: How Mental Health Impacts Mothers Worldwide”. The Q+A can be found here and on Every Mother Counts Part I and Part II. This article has also been reposted on Medium.

In honor of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, EMC featured Jessica’s recent writing on pregnancy loss.

EMC spearheaded the Every Body Counts Google+ Hangout: A conversation exploring body image before, during, and after pregnancy. The Skin You’re In: 4 Notes on Pregnancy and the Postpartum Body was written in support of Every Body Counts and the Google+ Hangout event.

Here is a post titled “Considerations of Antidepressant Use In Utero: Navigating Pregnancy + The Postpartum Period” that addresses maternal mental health complexities. Dr. Zucker weighed in on another piece about what women can do to get help when pregnancy or new motherhood isn’t feeling quite right.

Jessica leant her thoughts on girls and women’s development in an article titled “Girls and Hormones: Making it OK to be Female”.

Every Mother Counts invited Dr. Zucker to share some of her reflections on laboring into motherhood in support of their Mother’s Day Campaign.

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